“Purchased the “Pure Logic” piece and eagerly awaited its arrival, which didn’t take long. The print was wrapped with a lot of care. What an incredible piece of work from an amazingly talented artist!! Can’t wait to display this in my home!!”

Sandy A. (Toronto, ON, Canada)

When I first hung my pieces (Pure Logic and Beneath The Surface) on the wall I was lost for words. And everytime I look at them I see something new, some little detail I didn’t see before. And sometimes it feels like they are almost alive. They are simply that amazing! I love Kavita’s work and definitely will return for more in the future.”

Louna Hänninen (Tampere, Finland)

“I’m in love with my piece from Retrospect!  Having watched many of the paintings in progress, I’m so thankful to have one of my own.  Now Spock can remind me daily of the Vulcan values which so similarly parallel mine as a yogi. Live long and prosper.”

Paul Gonske (Nanaimo, BC, Canada)

“Retrospect Studios has done an incredible job with its Spock series of artwork. Kavita has captured the essence, intelligence and duty of Spock. I love Kavita’s natural talent and love for Star Trek. You won’t find a better likeness of Spock. I own “Pure Logic” and “Into The Unknown”. I can’t wait to see what Kavita creates for the Season Two series. I need a Kirk.” 

Benny Hall (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

“Having recently purchased Kavita’s print PURE LOGIC, I would like to say that it is a magnificent piece of art! I have been a fan of Kavita’s from when she began posting are art on Instagram, and have been a fan and supporter ever since! I was first impressed with the care that went into the packing and shipping of the print, and the inside care in wrapping. When the print came out of the package, my family and I were blown away! It was large and impressive, signed and numbered, and printed on archival paper. Having been a Trek fan, I could not be happier! Now, off to the framer…”

Ray Tesi (Boca Raton, FL, USA)

“I love Star Trek and Spock was my favourite out of all the wonderful characters in this ground-breaking show. He had two races battling for his soul and Leonard portrayed this beautifully. Kavita has wonderfully portrayed the Spock I remember.  I loved the Vulcan part of his character but realizing that his humanity was just as important was what Leonard brought to his performance that others may not have. Thank you for making such a wonderful depiction of Spock. Keep up the good work. I look forward to the rest of your art.”

Cathy Cotton (West Salem, WI, USA)

“You cannot find art with more soul driven humanity and depth, anywhere. Sheer beauty.”

Wade Raeburn (Grande Prairie, AB, Canada)

“Kavita captures the heart and soul of her subjects as if she knew them personally. Her talent cannot be contained. Each piece has an exquisite beauty, telling a story with every brush stroke. I’m honored to have her work in my home.”

Nanette O'Neal (Bethel, PA, USA)

“Kavita is a wonderful artist. I received my print in a very timely fashion. Kavita responds quickly to email. She really cares about her work and her customers.”

Bobbie Reno (Rensselaer, NY, USA)

“When I first came across Kavita’s art on a fan page, I was smitten by her subject matter (Spock!) but also by her style. She has captured this enigmatic character’s personality in so many poses and designs. After seeing the short video about what inspired her, I can tell Kavita has embraced the essence of Spock in all of her pieces. It was extremely difficult to make a decision about which one to choose as they are all so brilliant, but I decided to go with one of those that represents the Spock I first came to love, from TOS. Bravo on her well deserved collaboration with the franchise; I’m also happy to support a Canadian artist! If I ever get a “Trek room” in my house, I will definitely add more of her art to my collection!”

Susan Bowers (Wolfe Island, ON, Canada)

“I have been eagerly awaiting the release of Kavita’s Spock prints since I first heard that she was going to share her artistry and passion for this Noble Vulcan with the world. I received my prints today (Pure Logic and Search for Meaning). The pieces are so powerful and beautiful. The photos on the Retrospect Studios site are absolutely accurate. Yet they can’t convey how incredible the pieces really are, ‘in person’. The prints are of such a high quality that speaks to the passion and attention to detail that has gone into every image. I am thrilled every time I look at them. Thank you very much. LLAP”

Sharon Erickson (Nanaimo, BC, Canada)

“At last, my wonderful print of Mr Spock venturing “Into the unknown” by the extremely talented Kavita Maharaj, is mounted, framed and hung in my home in Scotland.

Art is of course, a very personal choice for each of us. One thing however seems to be quite universal and that is the perception that the art which we hold most dear ‘speaks’ to us in some way…..that it moves us in a way which others fail to achieve.

Kavita’s art most certainly is in that category for me, as I know it is for many others also.
I cannot recommend her work highly enough and I am beyond delighted to have a piece of her art in my home.”

Stephen Thomson-Fitch (South Lanarkshire, Scotland)

“Hello!… just received my print of “Into the Unknown” and it’s freakin’ awesome!! It arrived sooner than I expected and in perfect condition (once I managed to get the tube open 💪) Goosebumps! I absolutely love it! It’s my favourite piece at the moment and exactly what I expected when I saw it online….just a little excited here! You are so talented, Kavita!  Thank you so much ❤️🖖…now time to get it framed!”

Kerri Andrews (Victoria, BC, Canada)

“I purchased the ‘Pure Logic’ art print. 1st of all, it was packaged very carefully. I found it fun to open. Secondly, once I saw the piece, it was absolutely stunning. This work is done with heart. Spock’s essence was captured beautifully. I’m honored to own this & I can’t wait to frame it. Third, the professionalism of Retrospect Studios needs to be mentioned. Thank you so much.”

Mandy Hunter (Bonnyville, AB, Canada)

I first saw Kavita’s work on Facebook. I was immediately captivated and sought out her website and other social media. I followed closely watching as she unveiled the progress of each painting. Her ability to capture the true essence of every character was evident even through the computer screen. My love of Spock parallels hers, so I was delighted with each rendition of him as they were unveiled. When I discovered that Kavita would be at Star Trek Las Vegas, I was thrilled! I had to own one of her masterpieces. I now am the proud of owner of Search for Meaning and could not be happier with it. I eagerly keep tabs on Kavita’s latest work and can’t wait to add more to my collection. LLAP!

Rich Miles (Medford, OR, USA)

“I purchased the Beneath The Surface Print and received it in a very short time period. I took it to a professional photo and frame shop to have it framed and they were very impressed with the print. I’ll send a photo when I get it back and hang it. You do wonderful work.”

Wayne Marshall (Beacon Falls, CT, USA)

“I have been a Star Trek fan for over 40 years.  In that time, I have seen many artists try to capture the spirit of the various TOS characters.  Kavita Mahraj has succeeded brilliantly!  The entire experience of purchasing the prints, receiving the well-protected prints in the post and interacting with Kavita have been a real pleasure.  I will be purchasing more!  I hope she continues to work her way through the Star Trek universe!”

Dave Gilmore (Colorado Springs, CO, USA)

“Amazing and talented Kavita will sweep your mind with her art!”

Himilce Jackson (Guaynabo, Puerto Rico)

Retrospect Studios fine artwork and prints